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Everything for your Outdoors! We bring you products to make your outdoor living experience more enjoyable and comfortable. Do you need Outdoor Patio Heaters, an Outdoor Fireplace, maybe you are interested in an Outdoor Fire Pit, or a Chiminea. We have a great selection of them all!

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Chef Pigs - Pig Figurines
Chef Pigs Have Moved!
See all those Chef Pigs and Pig Figurines at www.Pig-Figurines.com. Our Chef Pig Figurines became so popular that we had to move them to their own website! Pig Figurines - Pig Chefs with Chalkboards - Chef Pigs with Trays - Chef Piglets - Pig Chefs with Utensils - Jolly Fat French Chefs - Bistro Bunnies! Discounts up to 50% off Retail!

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About Our Pricing.....

Prices everyone pays are a combination of a lot of things. The cost to manufacture a product, profit for the manufacturer, freight (and associated costs) to get it to the point of sale, costs of carrying the product in warehouses and in a retail store, and profit for any distributors and retailers that carry the product. Now this can add up to quite a bit. In our experience, the fewer “hands” in the mix, the lower the price.

Now the absolute best scenario for a consumer is to be able to buy direct from a factory in small quantities, with minimal freight charges and quick delivery. That is very difficult to find.

Our products will either be direct from manufacturers, or will be from major importing and stocking distributors. Our goal is to cut some of the fat out of the distribution channel. We will try to keep our margins as low as possible. And we will work with manufacturers and front line importers/distributors that will keep their margins as low as ours. The result will be great values for you.

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