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Everything for your Outdoors! We bring you products to make your outdoor living experience more enjoyable and comfortable. Do you need Outdoor Patio Heaters, an Outdoor Fireplace, maybe you are interested in an Outdoor Fire Pit, or a Chiminea. We have a great selection of them all!

Low Discount Prices All the Time!

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Chef Pigs - Pig Figurines
Chef Pigs Have Moved!
See all those Chef Pigs and Pig Figurines at www.Pig-Figurines.com. Our Chef Pig Figurines became so popular that we had to move them to their own website! Pig Figurines - Pig Chefs with Chalkboards - Chef Pigs with Trays - Chef Piglets - Pig Chefs with Utensils - Jolly Fat French Chefs - Bistro Bunnies! Discounts up to 50% off Retail!

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To provide our online customers with products and services that have exceptional value. Value being a combination of:
  • Quality
  • Unique Design
  • Pricing
  • Customer Service
If we cannot bring you a great value, we will not waste your time or ours with products or services that you can get elsewhere with better value.


Our products and services come from several sources:
  • Direct imports stocked in our warehouses
    • The products we stock are sourced direct from worldwide manufacturers from our own designs and engineering.
  • Drop shipped from from front-line importing wholesale distributors
    • Sister wholesale-distributors that we know and trust to provide the same level of service that we do.
  • Drop shipped direct from U.S. manufacturers
    • These are usually small manufacturers that excel in product innovation and engineering, quality and service, but don't have great sales and marketing expertise.
  • Directly from other online retailers that have more expertise in their product line than we do
    • Peers that we have met, or websites that we have bought from ourselves. These guys do their job so well that we couldn't compete even if we tried! We always try to obtain a little extra discount for you even if it is a small one!


We are a small group of professionals that have a wealth of experience in manufacturing, distribution, retail, software development and eCommerce. We have a brick and mortar retail location and two distribution warehouses in the U.S. Up until early 2005, all our customers were resellers or other wholesale-distributors.

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